About Tiffany


Tiffany is a kid at heart who likes to tinker with things and finds code strangely addicting. She is a co-creator of Prefixy, which she worked on with two amazing teammates. She is also a proud UCLA alum and California native, and likes to be in the sun during those times when she's not in front of a screen.

Programming heroes: Yukihiro Matz and Sandi Metz
Currently excited about: Node.js, functional programming, and React
Languages and frameworks: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Express, React
Indentation preference: 2 spaces per indentation, but really it just needs to be consistent

Like any good developer, Tiffany gets very excited about new tools and technologies. But alas, she knows she should focus on the things that never change, like programming paradigms and design principles.

Whilst not coding, Tiffany enjoys sips of expresso, skateboarding, and sometimes she tries to climb on rocks and things.

Tiffany hopes this blog will be useful to others on their path to programming nirvana.